For those who may not be aware, legendary rock band Motley Crue is currently on the final leg of their Farewell tour, with their last show scheduled for New Year’s Eve 2015 (just a few months from now).

This farewell is bittersweet to many of us here at Sew What?, as we have been providing custom stage curtains and backdrops to “the Crue” since 2005.  The projects that we have worked on for them over the years have been interesting, innovative, a little eerie, and so much fun to produce!  I thought I’d share a few photos of backdrops we have produced for Motley Crue over the years.

Crue Fest II 2009: “Dr Feelgood” Steam Punk Hospital Ward design

Digital printing sets the mood in this set design by Scott Holthaus.  Soft goods included a large digitally printed Kabuki Main Backdrop and a pair of digitally printed Main Legs, digitally printed facades and stage riser skirts and other digitally printed elements.  In addition to digital printing, the soft goods also featured mixed media materials as well as specialty techniques such as quilting and buttonholing, forced perspective, cut outs, and much more.

Motley Crue with Digitally Printed Kabuki Backdrop

The main set featuring a wide variety of digitally printed elements


The “Wonka Room,” a white quilted and padded “cell” that was flown in on motors

The Final Tour 2015: Pentangle

With the band on the last leg of their Final Tour, Production Designer Sooner Routhier and Production Designer / Manager Robert Long wanted a very special backdrop to finish out the tour. Utilizing elements of digitally printing and applique, we were able to bring their design to life. The use of Black Sharkstooth Scrim as the backing material allows it to disappear under stage lighting, so that the huge digitally printed Pentangle (appliqued onto the scrim) appears to float in mid-air as a dramatic focal point to the set design.

Our sewing team painstakingly pinned the sewn digital panel onto the Black Sharkstooth Scrim


…and then cut out the white sections to leave only the Pentangle logo, which was then sewn onto the scrim.


Our best wishes to Motley Crue as they finish this last leg of the tour.  We will miss you!

Want to learn more about the Pentangle project?  Visit our Press Room for more details.  For pictures of the finished Pentangle Backdrop in concert, check out our Motley Crue Gallery on Flickr.