At Sew What? Inc., we have always approached the entertainment industry’s textile needs as being unique and custom. As yet we haven’t found a “one size fits all” solution that really works for ‘every’ unique textile design need.  So you won’t be seeing glossy covered catalogs coming out of our offices any time soon.

Rather than a catalog – we like to think that we offer “a cornucopia of products and some mad sewing skills”……. all to be picked when ripe and added to the textile recipe as taste so desires. At Sew What? we consider what we do to be TEXTILE ARTS at its finest.  And thanks to a team of diversely skilled and extremely creative staff, we are able to keep a broad variety of product lines available for our concert and event designer clients to choose from.

DIGITAL PRINTING is done in house – on our own Vutek UV Curable printer. DIGITAL scenic BACKDROPS and  MURALS can be printed on a wide variety of  background materials. Our printing team brings to the table years of experience in image and file manipulation, as well as thousands of yards of experience in grand format direct-to-textile printing. We have road-worthy substrates on hand to create durable backdrops, and only offer those materials that will pass the (ever more) stringent Flame Retardancy requirements at venues across the country (and sometimes even internationally). Straight up backdrops – or more complex mixed media fabric collages – are all within our capabilities.  Printing team – sewing team – sales team – quality control team. Reminds me of an old cartoon I used to watch – “Wonder Twins ………Activate!”  The skills of many bring out the best in our products.


Straight up TRADITIONAL THEATRICAL DRAPERY SEWING is of course our “plato principal” (main course) here at Sew What? Inc. We typically run 3 teams at the sewing tables – each a team of 5 people.

Pinning, seaming, pleating and finishing are all team-oriented tasks that turn rolls of raw cloth into gorgeous main stage drapery and theatrical masking drapes.

Theaters across the country have drapes with our “yellow sewing labels” stitched to them as part of their house drapery kits. I recently visited a venue that had a sewing label in their drape that was not only hand written by me – but was dated 1996! That was our very first year in business – and so pleased to see our product holding up so well 18 years later.


MIXED MEDIA and APPLIQUE backdrops are of course all the rage – and this is really where our staff gets to shine. …….  We have been going crazy lately filling up UNIQUE BACKDROP IMAGE GALLERIES on Flickr.  Have you seen them? If not, I encourage you to check out these inspiration images if you are in the market for a unique backdrop.  Be prepared to see textiles, LED lighting, UV painting, digital printing, pattern making, textural and dimensional elements along with the occasional “bling” all collide!  Backdrop madness, I tell you.  And we just love it!


We are many – but many make for light work, AND bigger parties! If you are ever in the neighborhood, why not drop us a line and come for a 10 cent tour of What?-Ville?  You just never know what you might see coming off the sewing tables or thru the print rollers…..