Here at Sew What?/Rent What? Inc., we’ve been working very hard all summer long. After all, we have the most amazing clients in the world and want to be able to offer them the highest quality products, in the *quick* time frames they sometimes need them in. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to let loose once in a while, and blow off some steam!

tailgate casual pic 2

We recently enjoyed our Second Annual Potluck BBQ and Tailgate Party, right here at our Rancho Dominguez warehouse. As it was a hot summer day (we’ve been having a lot of those lately!), the party was set up outside in the parking lot under our very own rental Pop-Up Dressing Room tents (minus the side walls and accessories), which worked out perfectly! And not only is everyone here extremely talented and skilled in their prospective fields, but they are also mean chefs in the kitchen, and took very seriously the “call to action” to bring their favorite potluck dishes.

tailgate casual pic 1

Megan and Adam Duckett, company owners, provided a wonderful variety of ice cold drinks, and the main dishes with all of their fixin’s, too. These included hot dogs, hamburgers, kielbasas, and even black bean and veggie burgers, all which were grilled to perfection by our very own Carol Noe. Then the rest of the Whatters brought the most sinfully delicious side dishes, the likes of which we’ve never seen before. The buffet tables featured a huge variety of food, including pasta and potato salads, hot wings, ceviche, homemade dips, and of course, beans and chili (plus a whole lot more)! And don’t even get me started on the homemade desserts—peanut butter rice crispy treats, bread pudding cakes with caramel sauce, fresh fruit of all kinds, pastries, cookies, donuts, and so much more that I can’t even list them all! With some rockin’ tunes playing on the stereo, we ate and laughed the lunch hour away with the help of our great friends (and next door neighbors) from Lowy Enterprises.

sew what chair

To top it off, Megan surprised everyone with the most incredible gifts, too, in appreciation for the entire staff’s extra efforts this summer. Everyone got their own brand new—never seen before—custom Sew What tanks/t-shirts as well as custom Sew What beach chairs with a Rent What keychain/bottle opener attached. It’s always a blast to be able to hang out with the Whatters Family outside of the regular work environment, and adding these unique gifts showing management’s appreciation really made the day that much more special and fun!



Thanks from all of us to Megan and Adam for such a great event!