When I first started here at Sew What?, my cubical was located on the second floor of the building, otherwise known as the Treehouse.  Every day it was so exciting to look out the window and see the works of art that are being created in the warehouse.  One day it might be all Black Encore Drapes, another day it’s Black and Red Vinyl, and there were always very interesting digitally printed backdrops in the mix.

One day as I looked out, I saw these beautiful brightly colored digitally printed panels, ready to be sewn into a custom band backdrop for the Sublime with Rome Tour.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture!


I love to find pictures of our backdrops being used, and when I found this on Flickr, it was especially fun to compare it to the picture I took from my “Treehouse” window.

Sublime With Rome | The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion | The Woodlands, Tx | Woodlands Monocle | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography

Recently, I moved to a cubicle on the first floor, but I still have a window into the warehouse, only this time it is at eye level rather than from above.  Now I feel like I am in a goldfish bowl.  I still get to see what’s going on from day to day, just from a different view.


Instead of looking down into the warehouse from the Treehouse, now I’m looking straight out, which is especially nice in the mornings when everyone comes in past the window and waves or says good morning as well as evenings when everyone waves goodbye!