We love being able to help bands and artists of all kinds, as it is deep in our heart and soul here at Sew What?/Rent What? Inc. to work closely with our Rock and Roll clients near and far, big and small, and everything in between. We especially love being able to help up-and-coming local bands to get their name and branding as much enduring exposure to their audiences as is possible.

Jimmy band 1
Recently we were able to work with one of our warehouse staff member Jimmy Zee’s alternative rock band, Ginger V, to help create a dramatic and striking custom-built digitally printed backdrop for them to be able to use in many different settings. Because they are one of the favorite bands at a club in Hollywood, Bar Sinister, they needed to make sure that the backdrop fit the stage’s dimensions. But because they are also starting to go out on tour more, they wanted to have a drape that they could use in a myriad of venues and still make a truly unforgettable impact on the growing crowds watching them week after week.

Jimmy band 2

Working with our sales team, he decided that digitally printing the band’s name and logo onto durable and tour-friendly Cotton Canvas would be a great way to make the drape be memorable and yet be completely versatile. As you can see by these photos, this fabric reflects theatrical lighting like an absolute dream, and can change the mood and tone of the performance by simply adjusting the different hues and color schemes they splashed onto it. Photographed beautifully by band photographer Anabel DFlux, it was great to see how effective it was to add a digitally printed backdrop to this band’s staging. We are excited to work with this band, and to watch as they continue to build in popularity throughout the city!

Jimmy band 3

Check out this video of the band in action!