We get lots of calls asking us about our LED Stardrops.  Are they affordable? Are they easy to use? Will the audience be wowed?

The answer is simple.  YES, YES and a resounding YES!

Our rental inventory is home to lots of durably constructed LED Stardrops.  We carry both the Classic “white light” version as well as the popular special event “color changing” (aka Chameleon) version.  In terms of affordability – you can cover a 15 foot by 30 foot wall space with a white light stardrop for a little over $400.00 (excluding shipping) – and that gets you a full week’s rental to use the product!  The fabric panels are a black Encore Velour with a solid lining. You can very easily stack or assemble multiple units to cover larger areas. User friendly Velcro makes for a seamless drape combination. The wiring is all tucked neatly inside.  Easy to ship, you will find that these are a great value.

We have this cool sliding scale for pricing – so those keeping our inventory over a week will enjoy 50% discounts on weeks 2 through 8.  Keeping it over 2 months? Not a problem.  Even deeper discounts will apply when you hit your 9th week.  We are all about affordability – and easy extensions for contracts.

The Chameleon Color Changing Stardrops have all the colors of the rainbow at your fingertips… ready to flood the stage with twinkling bold blues, warm ambers……….the sky is the limit!

SO easy to use – each unit comes with its own simple to understand hand controller that lives with the drape.  For parties and event setups where you just want to “turn it on and forget about it,” these are just ideal.  Need to run it through a lighting board? Want more control over the speeds, intensity or colors? That’s also simple – as the controllers are DMX addressable.  Simply run your board to the drape-side controller with an XLR cable and take over the programming and control from front of house.

Here are some photos that show the value!  Every audience will love the excitement that a stardrop brings to the stage.

(c) Lasertech Productions Inc 2012 - IMG_8865

LED_Stage Center Stardrop 1

Mary J Blige with LED backdrop

Our gorgeous twinkling LED Stardrops are available for RENTAL or PURCHASE. These easy to use and programmable sparkling lights add a skyline full of interest and color to your event.  Let us know what you are looking for and we will gladly put together a quotation for you!

Contact us for more information at 310-639-6000.