Being part of a company that has offers both rental goods (Rent What? Inc.) and purchased goods (Sew What? Inc.) is a unique and invaluable service that we offer to all of our clients. Sometimes it just makes more sense, both financially and design-wise, to supplement your rental order (or the other way around) with some custom made soft goods or hardware that can be used again and again for future events, trade shows, concerts or productions. Recently we were thrilled to be able to work with one of our regular clients, Brantley Sound Associates, on just such an event, and we were both thrilled with the end results.

MASK_Brantley Sound 1

They were the proud production designers for the 2015 graduation ceremonies for Vanderbilt University. Expertly led by Production Manager Cody Heimann, his team needed to set a dynamic, yet user-friendly, stage for this special occasion. They were able to use our IFR Black Encore Velour Rental Masking Drapes and Borders to help set the background and proscenium of the stage, but needed something slightly different to wrap the trusses. They needed an opaque fabric that would not billow, was lightweight, stretchy, easy to store, and wrinkle resistant, and one that could be made to the specifications of the trusses that were used to set the stage, with an opening created in the back for easy access. This is why they decided to have us custom build them some soft goods out of Black Cambio stretch fabric for their truss towers that would be perfect for this outdoor ceremony, and could also be added to their own supplies to be used for similar events in the future.

MASK_Brantley Sound 2

As you can see by these photos, it was a beautiful day for this graduation ceremony, and the stage that Brantley Sound Associates set for their students, family, faculty and staff won’t soon be forgotten. We are always so excited when we are able to help our amazing clients create the perfect design for their special events. And we are especially proud that we are uniquely able to provide them both rental and purchased goods so that they can custom design their staging in the most beautiful, original, yet still budget-friendly way possible.

MASK_Brantley Sound 3