Being creative is one of the best ways to express your own unique artfulness to everyone around you. Here at Sew What? Inc., we love that our clients are super creative and allow us to be a part of their creative process! A fantastic way to construct something truly one-of-a-kind for your production, concert tour, or trade show is to have us custom-build a mixed media piece that comes directly from your own original vision.

Black Sabbath In Progress 2

Black Sabbath On Tour 1

Throughout the years, our manufacturing department has worked on many custom Mixed Media pieces for clients, who wanted us to build them something they can profile on their stages that had never been seen before. It can be painstaking work–lots of fine details, exact measurements, precise stitching, and, of course, it all needs to look fantastic, too—but we relish the challenge!


JLO - Jennifer Lopez Concert

Mixing different fabrics, colors, substrates, and styles helps create a design that gives the drapes texture, depth, and drama where there might not have been before. Layering Metal Mesh on top of Muslin or Textura on top of Encore, using UV paint to really help your backdrop glow, or bedazzling a cotton drape with loads of beading and sparkly applique, all help to give the drapes a rare look that is not commonly seen. We’ve recognized in the past how successful mixed media pieces have been for many of our clients’ stage designs, and it’s always thrilling when we get to continue to do what we love—innovate this industry with exclusive custom-built pieces so our clients can dazzle their audiences again and again!