Need a temporary wall divider, an exhibit booth, or a way to change the look of a bland event space?  Thought about using pipe and drape components, but wondering if it makes sense to purchase for a one-time short-term use?  Plan on using pipe and drape for multiple events, but want flexibility in size and style?  If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, a pipe and drape rental may be right for you.

With a wide variety of adjustable uprights, bases, and telescopic drape supports available for rental, nearly any size and configuration of pipe and drape can be accommodated.  Whether you need just a few pieces of hardware, to hang a single 8’ h x 10’ w backdrop, or enough hardware and drapery to create dozens of exhibit booths, renting is not only an affordable option, but saves you the headache of storing the hardware after the event is over.


One benefit to renting pipe and base drapery is that renting allows you to achieve a different look for each show or event without investing in several different sets of drapes.  From simple flat panels in a variety of colors, to gorgeous swags or Austrian style curtains, rental drapes (made to be compatible with pipe and base hardware) can be an important part of your event decor.

DW_Hartmann Studios Zip Wall 1

If you will be using pipe and drape for multiple events, or if you have a very specific design in mind, why not combine rental items with purchased pieces?  If the configuration will not change from one event to the next, consider purchasing the hardware (for multiple uses) but renting the drapery, which will allow you to choose different drapery for each event.  Want a completely custom look?  Consider purchasing the drapery (perhaps a digitally printed backdrop, a theatrical-style pleated drape, or a non-operable Austrian), but use rented hardware to hang your custom piece.  This allows you to choose the exact fabric, color and style of drape, but still maximize your décor and design budget.

Want to learn more about our rental options for pipe and base hardware and drapery?  We would be happy to help – you can contact us online or by phone at 310-639-6000.