Did you know that we custom cut our fabric for every single item that is sewn in our sewing room?  Jorge and his assistant (today it is Sal) cut fabric of all styles, all weights, all textures, and all colors throughout the entire day, making sure each piece is cut to the exact length that the sewing staff needs in order to start creating our client’s custom stage curtains, backdrops and other soft goods.  In his tool belt, Jorge has his scissors, chalk and measuring tape—all crucial items that he uses regularly, and the cutting table is permanently marked along each edge with a ruler along the entire length.  It is very important that the cuts are completely accurate, so that the sewing team gets the fabric pieces that they will need to do their job as accurately as possible, too.


This is also where our QC (Quality Control) process begins–Jorge and his team inspect the fabric for any possible flaws, as we need to be extremely careful that the fabrics that are coming in from fabric mills all over the country haven’t had any issues with their dye lots, color saturations, or possible damages that might have occurred while in transit. He then communicates with the sales representative and our purchasing manager for any replacement fabrics that might be needed, down to the linear yard.  So you see, it’s not all just cutting fabric!