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Monthly Archives: May 2015

11 05, 2015

Megan Interviewed on Rock Rage Radio

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Want to learn all about how Sew What? began, directly from Megan?  Well, here is your chance!  Tomorrow May 12th from 5pm to 6pm Pacific Time, Gina Van Epische, the Psycho Seamstress, is airing an hour-long interview with Megan on Rock Rage Radio.

rock rage radio

Megan talks about how Rock n Roll brought her to the United States from her native Australia, how she started Sew What and grew it from one person (herself) to a thriving company with more than 30 employees focusing on custom band backdrops and stage drapes, her other business projects and much more. I think you will really enjoy hearing her story.

So set your alarm to tune in tomorrow.  You can listen to Rock Rage Radio on your computer or mobile device or download the Rock Rage mobile app for Android.  Links for all three listening options are available on their home page at

6 05, 2015

I’ve Got the Blog Blues

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I’ve got the blog blues.  It’s not because there is nothing to blog about – rather that there seems to be so much to blog about. My dilemma is how to choose what, and when, to pen? Know what I mean?

This morning when I was on my way in to work I was addressing a query over the telephone.  It related to how many drapes would fit into a hamper for a client – and what the cost of shipping the drapery set was when IN the hamper versus shipping the drapes in boxes.  Of course the boxes were cheaper for shipping – but the risk of damage to their $30,000 drapery package during transport was greatly increased by removing the protection of the hampers.  It reminded me of saving a penny but in turn risking a grand.  Know what I mean?  And so I was planning to write a post today about the importance of selecting appropriate packaging and shipping methods and weighing up the risks versus the savings before shoving drapes into a cardboard box and hoping for the best………


But then I got to the office and had a client with questions about fashion fabrics. Their desire was to use some rayon/nylon mix materials with unique texture and patterns, that they had found in a store (intended for garment use) and wanted to know the costs involved in treating said fabrics with flameproofing chemicals for use on stage.  Did you know that getting high rayon content textiles to meet national flammability standards is darn close to impossible – and might I add cost prohibitive.  We found the $5.00 per yard fabric would cost an additional $9.00 per yard to flameproof, and would only be available as a 100 yard roll from a supplier who typically runs a 6-10 week leads time.  FUNNY! This won’t exactly work for a concert that hits the road next Friday.  So I thought that I might instead want to write a blog about why narrow fabrics milled with the intent for use in the apparel and upholstery marketplace so rarely make it into the concert scene……

But then the phone interrupted me, and it was a client that was yelling down the telephone, at someone else, not me – but at any rate I sat and waited while they finished and then he informed me that actually he was too busy to talk now and would in fact have to call me back.  So as I pondered this, I thought that it would be wonderful to develop a blog piece with the concept of helping clients know what details to include in an email query so that we can be of the most use without having to take up time on the phone with them while they are busy at the gig doing load in – or load out – or trying to catch some shuteye between venues.  Surely there is a better way. With all this technology……….  I honestly think that I am able to offer far better service when not under pressure on the phone to “put numbers to it real quick”. Last heard as I cried over the loss report was that “I put the wrong numbers in”………..

But before I could put pen to paper…… or fingers to keyboard as it in fact is………..then the sewing room buzzed me.  Rush order on the sewing room shop floor – due today – and the fabric has arrived with some flubs and flaws. !!! S.O.S. How to handle it?  It is like a veterinary office here.  CONSTANT triage.  Move the van here – now redirect the driver there – quick, overnight this.  Now change gears, stop what you were doing – and rethread the machine with black instead of grey thread.  LOVE all the action – its go go go.  What a great story it would be to share a day in the life of the sewing room – to perhaps follow one or two staff thru their scheduled projects and get to see firsthand the challenges they encounter.

Decided – a blog about the sewing room triage it would be. And as I finally sat to begin writing, an emergency chocolate chip cookie delivery made it to my office. (Thank goodness as all this contemplation about which of today’s situations to write about was really draining me and I was about to have a low blood sugar moment.) Thank you Carol – oh angel of the cookie delivery.

I have fully recovered – thanks to the cookie and the accompanying caffeine. And so the blog post for today is broad.  I got the blog blues.  So much to write about and a rotten case of ADD to distract me.

Feel free to weigh in on what you would like to read more of – and I gladly oblige!

Ok back to the drapery mines…………