Many a time I have been on the phone with a client discussing fabrics, colors, styling and design ideas for their touring drape and stage backdrops.  In general, while we all feel that we hear one another and visualize the “same” things – the fact is that we rarely do. Many a bar napkin sketch has been misinterpreted.  Worse yet a color described as “blue on the green side” could mean about anything!

In the moment when we are talking about our projects I usually find that we are each influenced by what we have seen before. By memories of colors we grew up with, by album covers we have seen when loading our CD player – by the hue of the flowers in our front garden that we walked past in the morning.

This in and of itself can create difficulties in correctly translating a client request into a textile reality.

Enter: Photographic Gallery Collection Of 18 Years.

It is just so much easier for both parties to communicate thru images! It gives a leveling moment – where we can both agree on “what is zero” per se – and then move from there in a swaggier, brighter, softer, more textural direction. In this day and age with near instant email communications, and most of us having web connectivity at (virtually) all times……….. it is simpler now to discuss a project while seeing ideas and color palettes TOGETHER by way of photographic examples.

The influences then become aligned between all parties.  And after 18 years of collecting photos of the backdrops that we have created I find that we have an example of just about every scenario.  Better yet, it is of every scenario and often “under the influence of stage lighting conditions.”

Here is a link to our flicker photo galleries –

I love our flickr galleries – and think it is a brilliant idea by the yahoo folk – that you can curate a gallery. So many professional photos – so little time!  And each of them making our drapery and the artist look amazing! Hope you enjoy the galleries we have put together.

More yet – in our portfolio pages on our website:

Or do you like to see it all “in action” with the music too?  Well we can also do that – as we have such a broad inventory of videos of our products in concert on You Tube:

Thanks for taking the time to explore with us.  And don’t hesitate to reach out to talk thru the many drapery designs that we have created over the years.  It’s our pleasure to showcase our work and share with you best practices and tips and tricks!