We love having our drapes utilized at productions, conventions, and concerts of all kinds—but rock tours definitely hold a special place in our hearts since that’s where it all began. This year was no different, with the start to summer tours beginning with a LOUD BANG with this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this past April. Having several outdoor stages playing bands and artists simultaneously in the huge concert grounds in Indio, California, can be challenging for the most experienced tour designer, and adding the fact that the stages are all different sizes and in several locations on site made it even more tricky.

Chet Faker 1 (2)

However, this wasn’t an issue for our amazing clients Felix Lighting, who had the exciting ability to work with extremely talented rising artist Chet Faker on one of the main stages. But the issue that they faced was that his song set was scheduled during the brightness of full daylight in the middle of the afternoon, and it wasn’t in a traditional stage setting with a stage enclave or walls or anything sort of structured setting. They wanted to keep the excitement and drama of an outdoor summer concert stage, but still create a space for the artist to help set him apart from the bright background of the Low Desert and all of the sunshine and palm trees that it brings. They decided to hang one of our out-of-the-hamper rental 25’h x 45’w Black Sharkstooth Scrim Backdrops behind the artist and the band, so that it would give a little bit of “stage dimension” to his background, but still allow for visibility when wanted, and also be stable in case it became breezy at all. Adding a few rows of dynamic lighting also offered some more texture to the stage too, giving the perfect look for an outdoor summer concert.

Scrims are a great option for helping create a new look for each show, because depending on how they are lit (or not lit), they can obscure object and staging in the background, or accentuate parts of the stage design that help make the set really POP. They are lightweight, easy to hang, travel easily, and are a lighting designer’s dream come true. Helping our clients find the perfect drapes for their special events is our specialty—let us help you find the perfect drapes for your show, too!