As we celebrate our 660th blog post on the Sew What? / Rent What? blog, we also have another milestone to celebrate……… we just launched our new easier to read MOBILE FRIENDLY blog – with news, articles and archives all in a mobile friendly PDA compatible format.

It has been rather an undertaking and an exploratory marketing adventure that we began late last year. With Google and other search engines now putting so much ranking weight on mobile-friendly sites, we knew our online presence needed to be as well.  As our websites and the blog were built “pre” mobile, the decision to shift just one chapter of our online presence was a difficult one to make.  In a big corporation with somewhat unlimited resources (both staff and money), it might make more sense to redesign everything – the websites, the blog, all the social media to get it all together into a single platform.  But after looking at the re-design fees and the timeframe to actually achieve something like this we had to make a more “partial” move.

SO – it was decided that it would be THE Blog.

First – to find a WordPress template that we liked – one that offered the functionality and the looks that we needed. Eager to stay away from any “beta” programming, we selected a tried and true template from WordPress.

Our programming guru Beth Nikodem of Orange County Web Design along with our Search Engine expert Cindy McMahan of Search Marketing Pros got together, and brought to us some suggestions for the new blog site, including some ways to improve moving forward with our content, and then they embarked upon the task of pulling across all the content from the old site into the new and improved site.

We could not be more pleased!  It is easy to read, is already showing ranking improvements with Google and all in all brings us one step closer to the social space where so many of our clients reside.

It is a BIG WORLD – and quite the “wide web” indeed!    Please take a moment to visit our updated and upgraded blog, and share your feedback.  We would love to hear from you!