Little Big Town is a crowd favorite – and also a client favorite over here at Sew What? Inc.  We are so thankful and honored to have been selected to create unique, branded and seriously rocking backdrops for this popular touring band.

Known for their creative 4 part vocal harmonies, LBT are an American country music group, who have had the same 4 band members since the late 1990’s (actually this is quite a feat!). Reminds us in some ways of ourselves – we have been at it a long time with a tight team – and like LBT we feel that we have found a way to really “do what we do” well.  If you haven’t listened to them, please check into their recordings – or better yet grab tix for their current “Pain Killer Tour“.

Enjoy this showcase with just a few of the various backdrops we have created for Little Big Town under their production team’s guidance over the last few years. ……. I have included a little about each piece and the materials selected.

In this boldly Americana backdrop for Little Big Town, the vintage flag design was designed and made paint-ready by John Rios of John Rios Designs. What makes this piece unique beyond what’s seen under traditional lighting is that the band’s name was embedded within the drop with invisible Ultra Violet paint.  So – when the lights were killed and the UV lights engaged, the bands name glowed in all its glory for the audience to see.  We love to see these dynamic “lights out” effects that utilize our textiles!  The hand painted UV text effect was applied after the drop was sewn and painted with the traditional paints. Scenic artists typically prefer cotton substrates for painting onto – and they are almost always best for UV effects, we find, as the UV paints tent to take to them more effectively than they do onto a polyester – so keep that in mind if you are thinking that a topical UV treatment might be something you have in mind for a drop of your own.

Lit Big Twn_Flag
The glowing doves in this backdrop are a topical UV effect – that was applied to a digitally printed 2 color design – created by Raj Kapoor and his team. This was a heavy cotton canvas that we selected for our in house digital printing – and the drop was then hand treated with both a white UV paint over the doves as well as a UV blocker in other areas to add to the variance between the glowing areas and those that dropped out of the scene when lit appropriately.  Matching printed and custom fit stage skirting brought the entire design into reality for a total look.

Lit Big Twn_Doves

In fact, this very unique backdrop was even featured in the Business Unusual Culture section of Entrepreneur Magazine.  Quite a treat – for both us and LBT!

Lit Big Twn_Entrepreneur

Check out the blend (and amazing visual depth created) when traditional stage drapery is combined with digitally printed “forced perspective” in this “tornado” inspired design by Raj Kapoor and his design team.  The drapery elements hung mid stage were translucent poly silks, which gave both front and back lighting opportunity to the designers, and the digitally printed backdrop which hung just feet from the drapery had a forced perspective built into the art. The effect is that