On February 24th we received an inquiry through our website to quote a backdrop set consisting of (3) 26’ x 12’ panels – one center panel with a digitally printed image on a black background, along with two solid black side panels.  The client emailed the artwork which Megan Duckett and I took a look at and decided to get the client on the phone to discuss a couple different options.

While brainstorming during the phone conversation, Megan suggested that, along with making the two side panels from IFR Black 22oz Encore, we could also applique the center digitally printed image onto IFR Black 22oz Encore to give the illusion of a floating skeleton (this would have the added benefit of ensuring that that black tones matched for all three pieces).  We also discussed doing some cutouts on the center panel to allow light reflection to show through, as well as some UV paint treatments to make certain areas of the image pop.  The client liked the idea, so we got to work!

3DG_mixed_media_drape_in_progress It takes a couple of people to sew this size of a digitally printed backdrop, especially with tight turnaround time.

In and of itself, the drape is absolutely spectacular and extremely engaging.  Our in-house “be-dazzler” Shane Nelsen hand-painted the digitally printed image with UV paint to highlight certain elements of the artwork.  Now, when under the magic of a UV lamp, this drape practically bursts with electricity onto the viewing eyes of its audience, creating a spectacular vision that will not soon be forgotten.


In this photo, Shane applies UV paint at night under a UV light to make sure he gets it right!

We have so much fun helping our clients’ magnificent ideas become a reality in the most breathtaking ways possible, and doing mixed media and digital printing is a sure-fire way to wow the crowd each and every time.  We received an email from the band’s tour manager saying that the band was really happy with the backdrops, so happy in fact that they ended up also ordering a smaller version of the center panel!