While many of our clients still prefer cotton when choosing fabric for custom stage curtains and backdrops, over the years, the use of polyester fabrics for stage and event drapes and soft goods has become increasingly popular.

But what you may not realize is that, while “polyester” is a standard term, there are a number of different “brand name” polyester fibers, including Avora® and Trevira®.

What differentiates Avora® and Trevira® from “plain old” polyester?  A major difference relates to the molecular structure of the fibers and how that structure affects the flame retardancy of the milled fabric.  With Avora® and Trevira®, an organic compound is added at the molecular stage, during the creation of the fibers themselves, thus making the resulting fabric inherently flame retardant.  By contrast, regular polyester does not undergo that same process, therefore the flame retardancy of polyester fabrics can vary.


This beautiful Grand Drape, constructed for Gridworks for Princess Cruises “Queen Victoria,” is made of IFR 26oz Velour, a Trevira® fabric.  Photo By: George Davidson of Gridworks.

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