Our LED Stardrops can add a starry constellation-like backdrop to your production. We carry three different types of Stardrops for rent.  Our LED Stardrops come with DMX compatible controllers which can be hooked up to a DMX Light board to give them more functionality.

The most popular are our LED Classic Stardrops which have bluish white LEDs placed in IFR Black 15oz Encore Velour divided over 8 DMX channels, allowing the lighting operator to control the effects.  The controller can also be programmed manually, with the settings saved inside the controller. They come 15’h x 30’w and can be run horizontally or vertically allowing you to create various sizes.  These drapes turn a dull black backdrop into a realistic starlit night sky.

LED_Stage Center Stardrop 1

Classic Stardrop

Our Chameleon RGB Stardrops are also Black Encore drapes with Red, Green and Blue LED’s divided over 8 DMX channels. The RGB LEDs can be controlled through a DMX Light Board and have more functionality that the plain white.  Use them with all three colors at one time or one color at a time – you have many options with them.  The DMX controller allows you to control the drape from Front of House offstage or Back of House at your lighting board.  They also come in 15’h x 30’w and can be run horizontally or vertically.

Use them alone or hang a sheer drape in front or a border on top and legs on the sides to create your own unique effect.

LED_Colbie Caillat Chameleon

Chameleon drape using only red LED’s

A third option is our White Voile drapes with LED Twinkle lights.  These drapes can also be hooked up to a DMX board via a dimmer rack.  There is a female plug on the top stage left side so another can be plugged in to create a larger scale drape.  The LEDs in these drapes are camera ready and do not flicker.  Pockets are sewn in vertically that hold the light strands.  You have a couple of options with this drape. You can use it as is with the white lights, you can hang a different color sheer in front of it or you can create different looks by lighting it as in the photo below.