A lot of our special events clients are often looking for a “Grand Ballroom” look, but may not always have a Grand Ballroom SIZED venue to design for. Being able to provide them with gorgeous and versatile rental draperies is something we here at Rent What? Inc. take a lot of pride in!

DW_Hartmann Studios Zip Wall 2

Recently we got to work on a new project with one of our clients, the Hartmann Project Team, LLC, based in Northern California. They had a special event that they wanted to make look spectacular, but the venue had a ceiling height that was somewhat challenging to be able to create a one-of-a-kind look for. We suggested they use our unique and glamorous 12’h x 10’6’w Silver Textura Austrian Zip-Walls, so that they could have a “Grand Ballroom” look at a fraction of the typical height for this style of ornate draping (30’h).  What makes our zip-wall draperies so special is that you can literally create an entire wall length of this lavish draping at a much lower height, and still not have to worry about having to “fold under” a lot of extra height at the bottom of the drape.

DW_Hartmann Studios Zip Wall 1

Offering this size and style of drape in both white and silver textura, we have something you can use for any type of special event, production, awards banquet, or concert. These drapes light like a dream, reflecting any dramatic theatrical lighting you want to splash onto it, helping make any special event that much more remarkable. We love being able to work with our clients to help them create the vision they are going for—whether it be designing for an international stadium tour or designing for an extraordinarily special event right here at home.