If you have rented our Mylar Rain Curtains, you will know that when you pull them out of the hamper they were tied together every two feet or so. “Why do you do this?” you might ask.  The reason is to make it easier for our customer to install and use the curtains.  Tying the rain curtains in sections ensures that they do not end up a tangled up mess.

Golden Globe photo booth pic--good.png

Mylar Rain Curtains, part of our “Oh So Swanky” rental drapery collection, light beautifully, taking on whatever color you are lighting them with.  They flow in a breeze, creating very unique and dramatic effects.  They work for a wide range of shows and events, from university performances to music tours to major awards shows.

Romp Show

If you need to add a little dazzle to your next production, consider our Mylar Rain Curtains.

Mylar 1--Rocky Mountain Arts