Digital fabric printing is seen everywhere you look today. Everything from a theater backdrop to a wide-format digital billboard can be seen at concert tours, awards shows, special events, and even church, school and dance productions. But you may be asking yourself, what exactly are digitally-printed backdrops,” and how can you have one specially made for your next big production, concert or special event? Well, it’s a lot easier than you may think— and the end result will be something you can use to add some unforgettable excitement to your show, over and over again!

Aveng_Seven Fold_6

Basically, with the help of a large-scale digital printer—not unlike a huge version of the printer you have at your home or office, but instead of using paper, ours uses all kinds of fabrics and substrates—we are able to print your photos, designs and logos onto a drape, backdrop, banner or even “red carpet”. You just send us your artwork, and our team of sales representatives and our on-site graphics coordinator will work with you to create your own personalized soft goods printed right here in our warehouse. With a variety of substrates to choose from (indoor, outdoor, opaque, translucent, etc.), digital printing enables you to magnify a photo quality image into a stunning theatrical and scenic digital backdrop. This is especially exciting nowadays because any graphics that are designed for printing on paper can now be printed on fabric, too, so the sky’s the limit with what we can create!

There are also many benefits to having a custom-built digital drape made especially for you. You will have remote control of the design and printing process, and we can print directly from easily stored, transmitted, and transported computer files, so it won’t matter if you’re here in Southern California or across the country. This also reduces proofing time from weeks to hours, thus accelerating design and product development for more time-sensitive necessities. And best of all, it permits customization and personalization, so that you can create the vision you desire, no matter what that might be.


We sincerely enjoy getting to help our clients create the results they need to help their event or show be as successful, memorable, and dynamic as possible. Contact a Sew What? Representative today to see how we can help design and construct a custom-built digital drape for your next big special event.