We love receiving all kinds of endorsements — but especially those from our clients who imaginatively used our theatrical rental stage drapes at their special event, concert, or production. Even better is when we get photos and emails describing how the drapes were used, and how beautiful they looked!

One of our favorite clients, Rock The House Entertainment Group, was recently able to use our versatile Metal Mesh Drapes from our Industrial Textures rental drapery collection. At the renowned Renaissance Cleveland Hotel in the heart of Downtown Cleveland, Ohio, they were designing the stage and venue for an international cleaning supply and chemical company’s biannual sales meeting. There were over 500 sales representatives and company leadership in attendance at this huge event, so they knew they needed a stage to really dazzle their audience in order to keep the excitement going from event to event all weekend long.

INDTEX_Rock The House, Mesh #10093

RTH’s Creative Director and Lead Designer Ryan Konikoff did an amazing job of describing exactly what they were looking for, and why they chose Rent What’s Metal Mesh rental backdrops and legs to help create a spectacular and dramatic stage for this special event:

Rock The House needed a backdrop that was versatile for a weekend of events which included an awards ceremony, keynote speakers, break-out learning sessions, and a closing meeting. We wanted something that would not only look great as a unique stand-alone piece, but also be very conducive with lighting effects to create different moods in the room during the different activities. The Metal Mesh provided a polished and finished look which made a great fit with the predominantly male demographic while aesthetically pleasing for the females. The Metal Mesh was also easy to work with, as it is able to be assembled quickly while being budget friendly.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Ryan!

We are always thrilled to hear back from our clients as to how they were able to use our rental stage drapes for their own unique designs. We’d love to hear in what way that you have been able to use our theatrical stage drapes for your special event or concert, too.