I was recently walking through our warehouse here in Rancho Dominguez, California, and I noticed the very “patriotic feel” to the sewing project that our hard-working and extremely talented sewing team was currently working on. Not only are they working to meet our deadlines, but they are doing a phenomenal job in the process! Everything looked fantastic, and I also couldn’t help but be reminded of how important it is that as many products are made here in the U.S.A. as we all possibly can do.

Patriotic Warehouse 1

We here at Sew What?/Rent What? Inc. are proud to be one of the most diligent “Made In America” sewing suppliers in the United States. We passionately believe that delivering top value to our customers, while doing all we can as a company to support the national economy by selecting mills right here in the U.S., is our responsibility and honor, and strongly encourage other sewing suppliers to try to do the same. We use American-made materials produced by American mills to the maximum extent possible. And when a particular product or fabric is not made here, then we do our best to get our local suppliers to produce it for us onshore if they are able to. We truly enjoy being a part of the historic tradition of American entrepreneurship in our industry, and so it is our mission to continue to support other U.S. businesses as much as we possibly can. Seeing the “patriotic-colored” drapes in our warehouse, and knowing that they, too, would soon be getting their very own “Made In USA” label, was a great reminder of this remarkable philosophy.

Made In USA--label