Last Saturday night, I received a call – at 9pm – from a client who had a rather large set of beautiful rental drapes from us.  They had taken the rental drape set into a venue in Las Vegas – and hung the unique swags and legs for a one-off corporate event that was to be televised.

Indeed our rental drapery sets are really pretty special – even we think so.  And apparently the owners of the venue thought so too!  So much so that they inquired with the production company if they could “keep the drapes.”

Here’s where it gets interesting – and a bit tricky!……….. We have established firm policies with regards to selling rental equipment.  Such that the decision was made NOT to do so.

Why? Well, it’s a good question.  And the answer is in fact simple.  It is in the best interest of the BUYER (not us) that they don’t purchase “at full price” drapery and textiles that have been in the marketplace for an extended time-frame.  With flame certifications, color fastness and wear and tear, it honestly isn’t a good deal in the long run.  Once should be VERY cautious before buying used draperies – as you might well find yourself quickly in hot water – with an expired flame certificate – and faded drapes that you can’t buy more pieces to match.

So keep it simple- rent if you want to rent.  Or rent if you want to “try before you buy” – but when all is said and done – return the rentals – customize to suit and then buy the drapes that you need. “Fresh and clean” and headache free.


Oh – and the end of the story……… well, in fact the client unknowingly thought we might sell the drapes – and they in fact “left them at the venue” thinking they were doing us and the client a favor! Not so.

We quoted a new set for the venue – customized to size – and will be delivering their draperies to them within a week or so.  Thankful that they understood the situation and also delighted that we had the opportunity to deliver them something built perfectly to suit!