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Did you know we are active on Google Plus?  Indeed – it’s a great place to follow us or join our circles.  We love to post showcase photos – and offer tips and tricks for drapery owners and buyers alike.  Google Plus is a fairly new forum for us – just over a year online and active now – and it’s fun to watch our social footprint grow!


LinkedIn is a REALLY active forum for business e-meets and e-greets.  Excited that there are several of us here on staff that are a part of the daily and ongoing conversations. We each have our own personal profiles where we discuss drapery and staging issues – as well as having the company page that has multiple posts weekly covering all manner of production, staging and drapery subjects!


In the mood for some photographic inspiration?  Look no further – there are literally hundreds of amazing photos of artists performing in front of our beautiful softgoods!  Backdrop ideas, swags, velours and velvets – we have everything you might need in photographic format so that you can get inspired.  While you are there – make sure to also visit our gallery section (  )  Here you will find professional photographers shots of these stage shows – it’s really a unique approach and we love that flicker allows us to curate these fantastic photos. SO many talented photographers out there – it’s fun to be a part of sharing their work – along with ours!


Ready to settle into your recliner and just hit the popcorn with some great viewing?  Pull up our YouTube account on your TV interface – and have a grand old time watching over 100 videos of all the drapery scenes and effects that we have sewn over the years.  We even include some instructional videos such as this one which is for the Set Up of Pipe and Base

There’s more in store………… we hope to approach Instagram soon – and would love your feedback regarding where you would like to see us!   Stay tuned……….. and thanks for visiting us on this – our BLOG.  (We have over 600 articles and posts right here! How about that!)

Of course you can always stop by the website………..  You will never again be short of inspiration for your next special event or stage / concert production.