It’s always so exciting to see our drapes being used in “real world settings”, and this instance is especially thrilling for us indeed. Recently, we had the honor of working with the Austin City Limits Live, which needed some special stock set pieces for their show that would be versatile enough to work with all kinds of musical performances. By showcasing artists and bands of numerous types of genres and styles, they needed something that would be both eclectic and electric . Working with their lighting designer Billy Heaslip, we came up with some magnificent and adaptable custom 30’h x 10’w Metal Mesh Drape panels for their stage to help cover their truss towers on stage. We also added Velcro on the sides of the drapes which gave them more functionality by being able to either be used as single panels together or with negative space between them, or simply as one big backdrop.


Metal Mesh drapery is so incredibly dynamic too, by just adding a splash of some colorful theatrical lighting, they can completely change the mood and feel of the stage design from song to song or artist to artist. Metal Mesh drapes are ideal stage pieces for venues featuring a wide-ranging group of artists. Being so lightweight makes them super easy to hang and transport, and their durability makes them perfect for tours and stages both inside and outside. Austin City Limits’ Automated Lighting Programmer Bryan Schrumpt with Go Show Pro LLC did an amazing job showcasing the drapes’ versatility by adding some various dazzling colors to them, which were then beautifully photographed by House Photographer at ACL-LIVE, Scott Moore.


These were custom drapes manufactured by Sew What? for Austin City Limits Live, but for those interested in a rental option, Rent What? Inc. also offers similarly dazzling metal mesh drapes as magnificent rental pieces, too. With lots of sizes and styles to choose from we can offer you some great options for your single event or concert tour. Let us help you find the perfect metal mesh drapes for your next big show!

Photo Credits:
Photographer: Scott Moore – One of the House Photographers for ACL-LIVE
Lighting Design: Billy Heaslip, Entertainment Consultant
Automated Lighting Programmer: Bryan Schrumpf – Go Show Pro LLC