I love vinyl – you know there is nothing quite like it.  The ambiance of the hum that the drive makes when you engage it to play – the soft crackle of the vinyl when the needle hits it before the music kicks in – not to mention that softer rounder warmer tone that seems to fill the room.  NOTHING makes me happier.

I do have many of my vinyl records on CD as well – funny – I actually went out in the mid 80’s and 90’s and bought all the music I already had on vinyl – but this time on CD.  For the clarity – the purity – the “amazing digitally remastered sounds” that the CDs promised.

Somewhere in the mix I may even have gone as far as buying the tunes for the THIRD TIME – via iTunes – oh the convenience of having some classic Whitesnake on my phone for when I am having a bad day……  Still of the Night is a classic tune! I was singing with Bob Hughes of All Access in the band Without Warning and I learned most all the tunes off of my records.

And now a strange twist – I see new artists and established artists alike are publishing on vinyl again.  In fact retailers such as Amoeba Records in Hollywood have a huge section dedicated to vinyl.  So we have come full circle.  In my case I don’t do CDs any more – am back to enjoying my records again – and along with a large like minded group of listeners have done a 360.  Much like a turntable – right back where we started.

So why talk about vinyl?  Because in my opinion VINYL is to music what TEXTILE BACKDROPS are to the touring concert industry.

Indeed – backdrops – cloth and paint and cottons and needle and thread…….  the art, craft, and warmth of them.  They too were all the rage if you look to the early days of the touring industry – Janis Joplin performed in front of gorgeous painted drops – the Soul Train show with hand crafted backdrops…….  textile arts at their very best. Artists in full swing creating sets and drops for broadway and theatre productions.  Artisans and Crafters.

The 90’s brought about tremendous technological advancements however – new and more powerful projectors for use in concert environments brought the artist to life in bigger than life real time imagery.  LED panels were developed and efficient touring packages were created to present any and every video feed that a creative programmer could throw at them.  Now the backdrop became an immersive experience.  100% live – 100% video – 100% bigger bolder and brighter.

What concertgoer would not want to see the show in full color!  It is exciting and there is certainly an energy that comes from being able to constantly change the background for the audience’s entertainment.

Interestingly – these last few years however have brought some of the old school acts and some newer artists with a penchant for vintage ways knocking on our door.  Stepping back to the basics – they are asking for the texture – the craft – the delight of a cloth backdrop for their shows.

Love to see this – we are like a good old vinyl record – at times set aside for something newer – but then longed for…..It is true – there is an art and a craft to what we do – and we are thankful for the acts that see a benefit to “a blend” – old school and tech too!  All in.

Black Sabbath is to be commended for their approach – LED screens set amid hand crafted and textured screen surrounds that are textile.  East meets west.  Vinyl meeds MP3.  LED meets 100% pure Cotton.

Bla Sab_2

Always looking for new ways to explore the blend of tech and craft…… let us know your ides for your next show and let’s get the turntable going………