Nothing helps sets the scene for a glamorous, star-studded event like the 72nd Golden Globes Awards than a backdrop that will sizzle, sparkle and pop! We were absolutely thrilled to work with an amazing production company this year, Viewfinder Productions, LLC, by providing them with the drapery elements and pipe and base hardware to help set the stage for a completely clever, and absolutely stunning, part of this year’s awards show experience, The Golden Globes Photo Booth.

Golden Globe photo booth pic--good.png

One of our glitzy Mylar Rain Curtains from our Oh So Swanky rental drapery collection, standing in front of one of our rich, velvety black masking drapes created the perfect backdrop for this entertaining and exciting idea of a “celebrity photo booth”. Creatively designed by Kristen Vallow, and captured superbly by photographer  Ellen von Unwerth, you can check out more amazing photos of almost every major actor, actress, and comedian on the planet right here on The Golden Globes Official Instagram page.These images perfectly embody the vivacious, effervescent atmosphere of this year’s awards show. What an incredibly fun night, and we were so happy to be a part of helping make the magic happen with our beautiful rental stage drapes and hardware!