With springtime right around the corner, we are seeing an influx of production designers for dance performances and competitions utilizing our amazing digital printing abilities to create the most fabulous backdrops and banners for their shows and events. One option is to use a digitally printed scenic backdrop to serve as scenery behind the dancers.  Another option is a step and repeat backdrop to be used before or after the show, or during a dance competition.  By adding the competition and recital’s logos and other branding elements, and even the names of judges or special guests, they are able to create an effective and easy way for the crowd to notice and remember the show long after the event ends. And with an extensive range of fabrics that can now be printed onto, we can construct something that meets the needs of nearly every dance company and competition.

She Cro_1

Though this digitally printed scenic backdrop is shown at a Sheryl Crow concert, a similar look would work well for a dance performance.

In addition to digitally printed scenic backdrops, specialty drapes are available to compliment a digital backdrop.  With a wide variety of specialty rental drapes available, dance companies have more options than ever before to help make their recitals, productions, and competitions even more sensational than they thought possible. Using everything from Mylar Rain Curtains, Stardop LED drapes, Metal Mesh backdrops, and Pewter or Silver Textura legs and swags, dance competitions can now design a look that fits their own unique style and motif. Adding a dramatic “stage reveal” with the simple push of a button with one of our easy-to-install and affordable Kabuki systems is another fantastic way to dazzle their audiences like never before.