Funny – but even after so many years of being in business I always find myself starting out the new year with what I call the “January Jitters”  Flooded with thoughts such as “will it be a busy year” – “what new clients will we get” and then the list that resurfaces such as “what about we refresh all the paint in the offices?” and “Should we have bagels every Friday at break time?”

Interestingly – of course when I look at it logically it is much like the commitment to eat less – exercise more – go hiking – stop speeding.  It’s a yearlong day by day commitment to improvement – both self and business – and a commitment to slow and steady change.

Rome was not built in a day – the business will not double in size miraculously due to a big tour season – nor will new products develop on their own or process improvements fall into place without some grease and muscle applied.

So – this year – I am going to give it my best shot to tell the jitters to step aside – and just try to look at the year in a “year-round” kind of way.

Tour season is welcome to attack at any moment – and can hang around as long as it likes!!!!

And don’t forget – it’s an open door here and WE LOVE VISITORS – so don’t hesitate to stop by some time and visit with us all – and while you are here you can see if we are keeping our commitment to long term slow and steady improvement!…………. I will get the blender fired up – a good margarita always helps keep the calm………..