Fabrics have come and gone during the 20+ years that I have been sewing here in Southern Cali for the Theatrical Drapery Marketplace.  But despite the many changes in polyester products, cotton cloth styles have remained fairly consistent. For certain there is one breed of cotton product that seems to have stood the test of time….


Of course I consider Duvetyne to be like the little kid sister…… to big brother COMMANDO CLOTH!


Both are a 100% cotton product – it is typically milled at 54” wide – and under the name Duvetyne is 8oz per linear yard when weighed.  What exactly does 8oz feel like?  I would compare an 8oz to a cheap open weave denim jean….  A pair that “isn’t” of the heaviest or top quality.  Not a real workman’s weight.

Duveyne after it is milled is then “brushed” to give it a soft and plush finish on one side (the face or front side of the fabric). It is also topically treated with chemicals so that it passes the USA Flame Retardancy standards as laid out by the NFPA701 test requirements.

Duvetyne cloth is manageable – that is a 100 yard roll weighs in at around 55 lbs………  and it can be easily cut with scissors – or some production companies even choose to “snip and tear” the cloth.  It is considered an EXPENDABLE item – meaning it really is in the one time use category.

So – big brother Command Cloth?  Double the weight – making it twice as durable.  Weighing in at 16oz per linear yard, a standard 100 yard roll will weigh in at 100 pounds.  Scissor cutting is required – and the feel of this commando cloth is like a super heavy pair of workman’s jeans.  You just have a sense of the durability in the thickness and denseness of the cloth.  Like Duvetyne, the commando cloth also has the brushed finish on the face giving it a soft plush (velour-ish) look.  Again – like Duvetyne – the commando cloth is also treated to meet he flammability standards.

SO – now you know – more than you ever hoped to – about commando cloth http://www.sewwhatinc.com/commando.php and duvetyne. http://www.sewwhatinc.com/duvetyne.php

Take a moment to visit the web links provided – to see that carious COLORS available in both commando cloth and duvetyne – and then contact us if you have any questions, would like a small sample, or feel ready to place an order.