We were thrilled to be a part of this year’s 2014 Latin Grammy Awards, and were excited to see how their incredible team of designers were going to utilize our beautiful rental drapes for what is arguably considered “the biggest night in Latin Music”. Led by brilliant designers JJ Wulf and John Monaco, they decided they wanted drapes that would not only give a huge dramatic impact on the overall stage design, but also be versatile enough to be used throughout the show behind a multitude of today’s hottest Latin artists.

SS_Latin Grammys 1

Starting with our gorgeous 30’h x 60’w Crushed Silver Satin Austrian drape from our Silver Satin Drapery Collection as their main backdrop, they were able to dress up the rest of their stage with a variety of our Silver Satin, Cloud Satin, Silver and Pewter Textura, and White Voile swags, swaggettes, Austrians, and legs to help create a breathtakingly beautiful design. These photos are a fantastic example of how adding a splash of theatrical stage lighting to these drapes can completely change the entire look and feel of the design, without having to actually change a single drape.

SS_Latin Grammys 2

Since the show would be watched by thousands of people in person and by millions of people on TV and online, the designers knew they had to create a look that would wow the audience and yet work with a multitude of performers and presenters. You can see by these photos that they clearly succeeded!  We love it when our clients “think outside of the box” and mix and match drapes from our rental drapery collections to create a look that is truly unique, and remains unforgettable long after the special event is over.