We love it when our rental drapes work out perfectly for our clients, and in ways they might not have even fully anticipated. Recently, one of our fantastic clients, Aurora University, was putting on a production called Almost Maine. Their story description is as follows: “On the coldest night of the year in the town of Almost, Maine, love is in the air, glowing in the Northern Lights”.  With this production being about a story that takes place in the heart of winter and often under a starry sky, they decided to rent one of our beautiful and versatile Stardrop LED drapes for their show, and it was a complete success!

LED_Aurora University 1 (Almost Maine)

Quick to install and extremely easy to operate, our Stardrop LED drape ended up being the perfect backdrop for a production that ended up having numerous lighting elements for various types of scenes. These drapes offered not only the delightful and dramatic “starry sky” effect they were hoping for, but the rich black velour material also offered a great “void” for some scenes that needed to stay nice and dark. An added bonus for them was that these drapes also became a great projection surface for the “Northern Lights” lighting effects, too. This backdrop helped to create the look and feel they were going for from scene to scene without having to change through a bunch of different types of drapes. Scenic Designer Tavia DeFelice created incredibly stunning lighting and stage designs for this production, which was also photographed superbly by John Curran.

LED_Aurora University 2 (Almost Maine)

We are so thrilled when our drapes help our clients create the exact look they are going for, and we were honored to be a part of this exceptional stage production, too.