With half of the country under freezing weather conditions and snow, last week we were so grateful and excited to be able to enjoy a delicious OUTDOOR luncheon with the entire Sew What?/ Rent What? family Celebrating our newest quarterly Team Challenge victors— the Manufacturing Team (YAY!)– we ALL got to enjoy the most decadent, filling, and carb-loaded catered Italian meal together. Nothing quite like Fettuccini Alfredo, Beef Lasagna, Cheese Ravioli, and Salad and Breadsticks to warm everyone’s hearts and bellies on a cooler, but still beautiful, Southern California day. Our official office dog, Crispin, did his duty too by watching everyone very carefully, to make sure everyone was enjoying their meal to the fullest (and to help with any spills or accidental drops that may occur).



It’s so hard to believe that an entire quarter has gone by again already! But I’m happy to report that the second and third place teams came *this* close to winning this time around, so now more than ever all of the teams are extremely motivated to actually WIN the next Team Challenge so that THEY get to be the ones being served and doted on by their fellow co-workers. We are all really looking forward to our next Team Challenge, and to see who will come out on top!