As stage effects go, LED Stardrops are one of the most versatile ways to set a mood.  Want a “Plug and Play” starry night backdrop?  All you need to do is hang the drape, plug it in, and turn it on, and you have the perfect backdrop to set the scene.  Want the lights to blink at a different speed or in a different pattern? You also have the option to program the LED Stardrop to create a variety of light effects.

An LED Stardrop offers a wide variety of applications.  Is your theatre presenting a performance of “Peter Pan”?  A Classic LED Stardrop is perfect to portray the starry night as Wendy and Peter fly into the night.  Putting on a holiday concert at your church or school? Create a Winter Wonderland with an LED Stardrop (you can even put red sheer drapery in front of it for added impact, as shown below).

Rolling Hills Stardrop 1

Even better, LED Stardrops (both the Classic version, featuring blue-white LED lights, and the Chameleon, with colored lights) are available for both purchase and rental, making them an affordable option for nearly every budget and event, whether for a one-night show or for multiple productions over the years.


We recently updated the LED Stardrops page on the Sew What? website, and one of the best additions to the page is the new photo player.  Not only does it cycle through a variety of photos featuring LED Stardrops, but it also offers you the ability to click on a specific photo in the film strip at the bottom, so that you can return to that photo for a second look.

If you haven’t  visited the LED Stardrops page recently, check it out!  I’m sure you will find it both inspiring and informative.