As you know, we make a lot of large digitally printed backdrops for rock-n-roll and other music tours.  But an area of digital printing that often is forgotten is the use of digitally printed backdrops in marketing applications, especially in trade show booths.  Recently, we received some great photos from one of our customers, and I thought their project is an ideal example of how using a digitally printed backdrop in a trade show booth can not only help make the booth beautiful, but can highlight the company and its products.


To Market, based in Oklahoma City, offers a range of environmentally friendly commercial flooring products made with recycled and sustainable materials and state of the art technology. Their goal for the trade show booth, naturally, was to highlight their products.  Their first thought, of course, was to utilize their flooring in the trade show booth (which, as you can see in the photo above, is beautiful).  But they wanted to do more.

The solution?  Rather than use traditional exhibit booth drapery in a solid color, they would use a custom digitally-printed backdrop across the entire back of the 20′ wide booth, and we excited to work on the project with them to achieve their vision.

With artwork that included their company logo, product names / logos, and a variety of photos showcasing their flooring, they made what could have been just a neutral background into a prominent part of their marketing strategy. Great job, To Market!