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26 11, 2014

The 3rd Team Challenge Winner Is…

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With half of the country under freezing weather conditions and snow, last week we were so grateful and excited to be able to enjoy a delicious OUTDOOR luncheon with the entire Sew What?/ Rent What? family Celebrating our newest quarterly Team Challenge victors— the Manufacturing Team (YAY!)– we ALL got to enjoy the most decadent, filling, and carb-loaded catered Italian meal together. Nothing quite like Fettuccini Alfredo, Beef Lasagna, Cheese Ravioli, and Salad and Breadsticks to warm everyone’s hearts and bellies on a cooler, but still beautiful, Southern California day. Our official office dog, Crispin, did his duty too by watching everyone very carefully, to make sure everyone was enjoying their meal to the fullest (and to help with any spills or accidental drops that may occur).



It’s so hard to believe that an entire quarter has gone by again already! But I’m happy to report that the second and third place teams came *this* close to winning this time around, so now more than ever all of the teams are extremely motivated to actually WIN the next Team Challenge so that THEY get to be the ones being served and doted on by their fellow co-workers. We are all really looking forward to our next Team Challenge, and to see who will come out on top!

25 11, 2014

Cotton Canvas – How Testing and Prototyping Led to Success

By |November 25th, 2014|Digital Printing, Projects|1 Comment

Last year, we were inspired to locate a cotton substrate for digital printing when approached by the production and design team for Little Big Town, who asked us to create a digitally printed and UV painted backdrop for the band’s tour.  As cotton is preferred over polyester when adding UV paint, we knew we wanted to offer a cotton option.  After some quick research, we discovered Cotton Canvas, and immediately brought in test rolls for expedited testing and prototyping. Our printer operator fell in love with the way the fabric ran through our Vutek UV Grand Format printer with ease, and our sales reps loved the way how it accepted inks, with deep blacks and vibrant colors.  We also liked that the fabric was slightly heavier than our other fabric substrates, creating a crisp clean appearance. We were so pleased with the results of the testing and prototyping that we not only selected it for the Little Big Town backdrop project, but we added it to our inventory of digital substrates.

Entrepreneur Online

The Little Big Town backdrop turned out beautifully, so much so that a photo of the backdrop was featured in an article on our company in Entrepreneur magazine.  Since then, Cotton Canvas has become one of our most popular digital substrates.  One thing that surprised us was how well-received Cotton Canvas has been by set designers for traditional theatrical productions.  As Cotton Canvas is reminiscent of cotton muslin (traditionally used for hand-painted scenic backdrops), its appearance once printed straddles the line, combining the speed and ease of digitally printing with an end result that appears reminiscent of hand-painting.  The heavier weight of Cotton Canvas also adds to the durability of the backdrop, an important consideration for music tours and theatrical productions.  Since introducing Cotton Canvas to our inventory, we have been pleased to find that our client base for digitally printed backdrops has expanded to include new digital printing clients from traditional theatres, museums, and high school and college theatre departments.

Of course, Cotton Canvas isn’t the right choice for all digital printing needs – for example, a lighter-weight, more translucent substrate is preferred for a backdrop that will be backlit, and a mesh or vinyl may be a better option for a print that would be used outdoors – but overall, we (and our clients) are thrilled with Cotton Canvas.

18 11, 2014

Create a Sparkling Set with an LED Stardrop

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As stage effects go, LED Stardrops are one of the most versatile ways to set a mood.  Want a “Plug and Play” starry night backdrop?  All you need to do is hang the drape, plug it in, and turn it on, and you have the perfect backdrop to set the scene.  Want the lights to blink at a different speed or in a different pattern? You also have the option to program the LED Stardrop to create a variety of light effects.

An LED Stardrop offers a wide variety of applications.  Is your theatre presenting a performance of “Peter Pan”?  A Classic LED Stardrop is perfect to portray the starry night as Wendy and Peter fly into the night.  Putting on a holiday concert at your church or school? Create a Winter Wonderland with an LED Stardrop (you can even put red sheer drapery in front of it for added impact, as shown below).

Rolling Hills Stardrop 1

Even better, LED Stardrops (both the Classic version, featuring blue-white LED lights, and the Chameleon, with colored lights) are available for both purchase and rental, making them an affordable option for nearly every budget and event, whether for a one-night show or for multiple productions over the years.


We recently updated the LED Stardrops page on the Sew What? website, and one of the best additions to the page is the new photo player.  Not only does it cycle through a variety of photos featuring LED Stardrops, but it also offers you the ability to click on a specific photo in the film strip at the bottom, so that you can return to that photo for a second look.

If you haven’t  visited the LED Stardrops page recently, check it out!  I’m sure you will find it both inspiring and informative.

11 11, 2014

To Market Uses Digital Backdrop to Highlight Trade Show Booth

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As you know, we make a lot of large digitally printed backdrops for rock-n-roll and other music tours.  But an area of digital printing that often is forgotten is the use of digitally printed backdrops in marketing applications, especially in trade show booths.  Recently, we received some great photos from one of our customers, and I thought their project is an ideal example of how using a digitally printed backdrop in a trade show booth can not only help make the booth beautiful, but can highlight the company and its products.


To Market, based in Oklahoma City, offers a range of environmentally friendly commercial flooring products made with recycled and sustainable materials and state of the art technology. Their goal for the trade show booth, naturally, was to highlight their products.  Their first thought, of course, was to utilize their flooring in the trade show booth (which, as you can see in the photo above, is beautiful).  But they wanted to do more.

The solution?  Rather than use traditional exhibit booth drapery in a solid color, they would use a custom digitally-printed backdrop across the entire back of the 20′ wide booth, and we excited to work on the project with them to achieve their vision.

With artwork that included their company logo, product names / logos, and a variety of photos showcasing their flooring, they made what could have been just a neutral background into a prominent part of their marketing strategy. Great job, To Market!

5 11, 2014

Rent What? Pipe and Drape Web Page Features a New Design

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Last month I told you that a goal of our companies is to continuously strive to make our company websites more user-friendly, entertaining and informative, and I showed you the newly launched Sew What? Pipe and Drape web page.

Well, I am pleased to tell you that Rent What? has now launched it’s own revamped Pipe and Drape web page!


The page includes some great photos showing the many and varied  uses for pipe and drape, a video player showing instructional and informational videos about pipe and drape, and lists of selected pipe and drapes rental items in stock. It is a terrific companion page to the Sew What? Pipe and Drape web page – showing the same products but from a rental perspective.