Recently, one of our wonderfully creative clients, Ju-Ju-Be, wanted to set up something fashionable and memorable for an important trade show here in California. Since everything the Custom-Design Diaper Bag company stands for is quality, style, innovation, and being truly unique, we knew that we here at Rent What? Inc. could help them with some beautiful soft goods for their booth that would work out perfectly—which they did!


Setting up the “tried and true” trade show booth was getting old, so Ju-Ju-Be wanted to be able to utilize their venue’s added height and design something that would help frame their booth elegantly, but would still be lightweight and easy to hang, too. By using some of our rich, velvety 50’h x 10’w Black Encore masking drapes to create some alluring swags and draping along the tops and corners of their booth, they were able to give a modern and polished feel to their booth’s overall décor that was unmatched by anyone else at the tradeshow.


We love it when we get to see our clients’ creative visions come to life using our rental soft goods. Let us help you create the exact look that you thought you could only dream of!