I was checking out our Flickr Galleries this morning, and I was particularly struck by the many great backdrops that I saw.  The photos from these very talented photographers showcase how many different and unique ways that there are to create a custom backdrop.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This mixed media backdrop combines black theatrical netting with blue mylar whirlybird.  Shown first in our manufacturing facility, the Flickr photo below (part of a Flickr Gallery) highlights how spectacular the piece looks onstage with the addition of the eyeball prop.


The Postal Service

Long narrow strips of a silvery textured fabric appliqued onto mesh create the illusion of pipes in this unusual backdrop for The Postal Service, recreating a previous stage set which featured real pipes.



Combining a handpainted applique element with a traditional Black Encore backdrop makes for a dramatic backdrop for Soundgarden, especially under stage lighting as in this photo.

So, as you can see, the possibilities for an interesting, innovative backdrop are numerous, so why not try something different the next time you need a backdrop?