Last week we had a blast enjoying a delicious Teriyaki Chicken luncheon outside our warehouse in the fresh air, with California’s sunshine kissing our shoulders and the soft breeze keeping everyone comfortable. This was all in honor of our next Team Challenge win! We have already introduced our company’s new motivational way of inspiring our various groups of employees to provide the most incredible products possible, with the most comprehensive customer service, and all still at competitive prices. Well, it’s hard to believe that another quarter has already gone by, and again we got to celebrate one of the team’s extraordinary hard work and productivity.

Team Challenge 2

We are very proud to announce that the winner of this quarter’s Team Challenge was…..The Manufacturing Team, again!! They did such a phenomenal job this quarter, and met ALL of their goals for this period. The other two teams are going to have to work extra hard to try to keep up with the exceptional standards that our great Manufacturing Team have set forth for these challenges! We also announced this quarter’s Rock Star award too, which this time went to Carlos Morales who is also in our Manufacturing Team. He’s done such an outstanding job as our Digital Printer Operator, going above and beyond to help all departments in the warehouse, that he was a shoe-in to receive this well-deserved award and recognition.

Carlos, 1 (79)

We are already looking forward to our next Team Challenge, and see who will come out on top next time!