In looking through the Rent What? website recently, I was struck by how many options there are for rental stage drapery.  Whether someone wants a soft and romantic look or an edgy industrial vibe, there is something for nearly any stage design.

Today I thought I’d feature some of those drapes in photos.  Hope these photos inspire you!

Silver Satin Series

Silver satin is an incredibly versatile choice for stage drapery.  Beautiful in its own right, it really comes into its own with its ability to change color under stage lighting, as shown in these photos of Silver Satin Swags during a Jennifer Hudson concert.

SS_Jennifer Hudson 15

SS_Jennifer Hudson 1

Rockin’ Red Series

With drapery options that range from Austrians and Swags to Grand Bi-Parting Drapes and Valance, and with coordinating shades of red and burgundy, this series lends itself to set designs from the romantic to the dramatic. From a Red Satin Austrian Drape at the Pollstar Awards to a Burgundy Super-Vel Contour Drape used by Monsters of Folk at the Greek Theatre, red drapery is sure to excite the eye.


Delightably White Series

Whether on its own or with embedded LED lights, drapery in shades of white and ivory lends a soft, ethereal note to a set design or event decor.  Play up its romantic side or use it as a neutral backdrop for lighting and other set or decor elements.

DW_Ivory Satin Aust color 3

These are just three of the Specialty Drapery Collections – in another post, I’ll feature the remaining collections for your inspiration!