Last week, I wrote a post about the many ways that schools can use pipe and drape – from fundraising booths to graduation backdrops and much more.  The more I thought about, the more I realized that pipe and drape is also a great option for churches and other houses of worship.

As the holiday season approaches, houses of worship are likely planning a number of events for which backdrops and decor are needed, and pipe and drape is a terrific option.

PD_Blue Pipe and Drape

The pipe and drape set up shown above would be a beautiful option for a gospel performance.

Here are just a few ways that pipe and drape can be incorporated:

Choir / Gospel Performance: If your church does not have a dedicated area for the choir, create one using pipe and base. Taller sections of pipe and drape can be utilized to create a beautiful backdrop for the choir. If the choir is seated for all or part of the service, utilizing a shorter section of pipe and base in front as a modesty panel.  Create a beautiful backdrop for a gospel performance utilizing pipe and drape.  For something really special, utilize pipe and drape to hang a beautiful LED Stardrop.

Holiday Plays and Performances: Want to hang a painted or printed backdrop to set the stage for the Nativity Play, but don’t have a traditional stage with overhead truss or pipes?  Why not use pipe and base components to hang that backdrop?

Holiday Fundraising Bazaars: Rather than just setting up a variety of tables, consider creating separate booths for your event.

Rolling Hills Stardrop 1

Want a look like this but don’t have an overhead truss? Use pipe and base components to hang an LED Stardrop.

These are just a few of the many ways that pipe and drape, whether purchased or rented, can be a great option for houses of worship.  While the holiday season is months away, we all know how quickly time can fly.  If you start thinking about all the little details now, you can get everything ready early and have time to enjoy the holiday season.

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