I know that there are a lot of production designers and tour managers scrambling right now to get concert tours road-ready for the late summer / fall tour season, and so I thought I’d give you some ideas of quick soft goods rental solutions to tick off one box on your long to-do list.

A Full Set of Specialty Drapes, Already Designed For You

Have a basic theme in mind for the set design, but don’t have time to figure out how to achieve it?  Our Drapery Collections are a great way to find a wide variety of specialty drapery styles, in fabrics that coordinate and contrast to create a beautiful cohesive set design.  Looking for a soft romantic mood?  Consider the Delightably White collection, featuring Austrians, swags, borders, and legs in shades of white and ivory.  Want an edgier look?  The Industrial Textures collection, with materials ranging from metal mesh to textured fabrics in shades of gray to black camo, has the edge you need, with the added bonus of being a lighting designer’s dream. Or mix it up with elements from two collections, such as using swags from the Silver Satin series with Rockin’ Red legs.

INDTEX_Journey mesh 1

A series of 6 Metal Mesh legs combine to create a simple yet dramatic backdrop for legendary rock band Journey.

Mask It Off

Masking Drapes, Borders and Skirts aren’t exactly the sexiest of soft goods, but they’re needed on nearly every concert tour.  Who wants the audience to see crew and equipment off-stage? With a ton of different sizes of Black Encore masking drapes and borders/skirts in our rental inventory, you can take care of all your masking  needs at once, leaving you more time to focus on designing the hottest set of the season.

Consider A Kabuki

A Kabuki Drop is a great way to get lots of bang for your buck.  With a rental kabuki solenoid system, all the hardware you need for a single or double drop is ready for you in one easy-to-install kit.  Not sure what to drop?  There are many ways that a kabuki system can work for your tour.  Need to hide the headliner’s gear while the opening act plays?  Hang a rented black backdrop on a single-drop solenoid system.  When the opening act has left the stage and you are ready to reveal the main act, simply fire the solenoids to drop the backdrop.  Want to change up the look of the set during the show?  A Double-Drop Kabuki System is a great solution.  Start out the show with a backdrop (perhaps a  custom mixed media piece) hiding up in the truss.  Mid-show, fire the solenoids to reveal it (and listen to the audience gasp), and then drop it to the floor as the set changes yet again.

These are just a few ways that rental drapery can help you in your quest for the ideal concert tour design.  Still not sure of the direction you are headed, or how to utilize soft goods to get there?  Give us a call – we’d be glad to help.