We always love seeing firsthand how our clients decide to use drapery, lighting, and of course event design to help create the exact mood (or moods!) that they are envisioning, and having our drapes be a part of it is always very exciting! Recently, one of our amazing clients LG Productions were responsible for creating a spectacular design for the Opening Night Gala of renowned play Orphan Of Zhao at the La Jolla Playhouse (running through August 3rd).  Starring B.D. Wong, and featuring an array of Hollywood actors, directors, and producers, this was a special event that the entire San Diego community came out to help celebrate!


With lighting design by talented designer Luke Gulley, and concept and event design creatively carried out by Luke Gulley and Rachael Terrones, they wanted to give the huge space in this facility an atmosphere of simple elegance. But they still wanted to quickly and easily be able to create a different mood and feel during the many segments of the soiree. Starting with dozens of white pipe and drape panels, they were able to drape the walls around the entire facility to help get the exact ambience that they were looking for.


You can see how Luke and Rachael were able to create different feels to each section of the room by simply splashing different colored theatrical lighting on them, helping give each area its own individual look. Photographed beautifully by Daniel Norwood, we were thrilled to see how breathtaking the space ended up looking. We truly enjoy working with LG Productions on all of their brilliant event designs, and we were especially proud to have been a part of this special gala, too.


Want a similar look for your event?  Rent What? has a huge inventory of white draping available for rent, that can be a fantastic way to “cover” existing wall decorations or “mask” areas that want to be transformed into your special event’s unique feel. We have everything from sheer White Voile to creamy White Supervel, and our white drapery reflects light like a dream!