You know that here at Sew What? and Rent What?, we love theatrical backdrops.  From a simple Black Poly Muslin kabuki backdrop to a unique digitally printed Scenic Backdrop, a backdrop is a significant element of stage design for concerts.  But what you may not have considered is that a stage backdrop doesn’t have to be only made of traditional theatrical fabric.

Lady Gaga_3

Consider a mixed media backdrop, which combines fabric with other elements.  The one above for Lady Gaga, for example, includes digitally printed and traditional fabric elements along with LED lights, smoke lines, and a projection screen.

INDTEX_Chris Cornell mesh 1

Sometimes a non-textile element can take the place of fabric, but still present a fabric-like appearance.  Metal Mesh Backdrops, constructed like fabric backdrops but subsituting fine aluminium mesh for the fabric, are great examples of this concept.  It’s a great look behind rock singer-songwriter Chris Cornell.

Another non-fabric element that reads like fabric but offers a unique look is mylar. When cut into long narrow strips and combined in layers to create a single backdrop, mylar offers a sparkling appearance, great lightability, and incredible movement.

This is just a taste of the many options available for theatrical backdrops.  So consider adding a “non-traditional” backdrop to your next concert set design!