Looking at us now, we do so many things and offer so many products that we didn’t offer in the early days of the company.  We have our own grand format digital printer, which allows us to offer digitally printed scenic backdrops. We are a distributor of theatrical and event equipment, including curtain track, pipe and base exhibit supplies, and other theatrical supplies.  And of course, we offer our customers a rental option for drapery and equipment through Rent What?.


But what started it all, and still remains the heart of the business, is custom sewing of theatrical-style drapery and other soft goods.  Megan started the company in her home about 17 years ago, with just herself and a rented sewing machine. Today, we have a large sewing shop that inhabits a large portion of our 15,000 square feet facility, and about 2/3 of our 32 employees work in manufacturing or manufacturing support.

Because all of the drapery we create is custom-made to the client’s specifications at the time an order is placed, our manufacturing team finds itself working on a variety of different projects each day. Yesterday, they might have been making a 30′ h x 60′ w digitally printed backdrop for a major recording artist, pleating a grand drape for a local school auditorium, and making custom stage skirting for a stage company.  Today they might be making custom exhibit booth drapes for a trade show booth, sewing satin swags for a special event company and repairing rental drapes for Rent What?


Each day, our manufacturing team produces an amazing variety of custom drapery each day for a wide range of customers, from an individual who wants to jazz up her trade show booth to a school that needs affordable replacement stage curtains to a music tour needing a full set of drapery and soft goods for their upcoming 50-city tour. I am so proud of the team – it really is the quality of their work that makes this company what it is!