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Monthly Archives: June 2014

13 06, 2014

Inspirando a niñas con Espíritu Emprendedor

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Recientemente tuvimos el placer de recibir a las Girl Scout Brownie Troop 15445, una tropa de unos 10 chicas emprendedoras e inteligentes de segundo grado, patrocinado por la YMCA de Torrance. Megan Duckett, nuestro Presidente y CEO, dio estas chicas interesadas y energéticas (junto con varios líderes de la tropa mamá) un recorrido por nuestras instalaciones, incluyendo oficinas y almacén, mostrándoles todo, desde cómo diseñar su propia caída, de cómo se eligió el material, corte y cosido juntos, y finalmente cómo la cortina terminado se ve una vez colgado y se muestra.




Nos encantó poder mostrarles a estas chicas como se ve una exitoso, “Echa en América” empresa, que es propiedad de una mujer, e lo que ellas también pueden lograr en un futuro. Les deseamos lo mejor con la totalidad de sus próximas aventuras de Girl Scouts, y esperamos poder ver a sus actividades empresariales en los próximos años!

11 06, 2014

Thousand Foot Krutch Rocks a Digitally Printed Mesh Backdrop

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As summer tour season gears up and bands are loading up their big rigs, RVs, or a questionable 1982 Chevy conversion van the drummer inherited from his uncle Chester, one thing remains: the dire need for a killer backdrop during an epic outdoor summer festival run.

With rags packed onto the stage like sardines for the day’s entire lineup, it’s important to think about what you want your drape to do, what time of day you are playing, and how you want it to hold up in the various weather conditions as well as adhering to various stage and venue restrictions.


Digitally printed mesh backdrop hanging in the Sew What warehouse during final QC inspection

This was the case for the band Thousand Foot Krutch, whose summer tour kicked off recently in Oklahoma.

Production manager Chad Stirling called Sew What? Inc., asking for a small miracle.

The phone rang on a Monday morning. Chad needed something in his hands by that Thursday AM so that he could take the backdrop on his flight to Rocklahoma. The band knew they were preparing to rock a larger crowd in a new demographic and saw an opportunity for branding to their audience. Chad needed something that was mesh to allow wind to pass through the drape, but was concerned about some of the vinyl mesh products he had seen in small banners for merch tables and promotional tents. The band also voiced concern about seam lines, the cheesy shiny finish many vinyl products are known for, portability, and the ability to manually kabuki the drape with ease for a quick set change.

Thankfully, Sew What? had the perfect substrate to not only meet their rush, but also addressed many of the band’s concerns about lighting, weather, road worthiness, and the ability to kabuki.

TFK ended up moving forward with a digitally printed backdrop using our new Pro Mesh substrate, with a female velcro top hem with matching male velcro header so they could manually kabuki the drop when they needed to clear their gear. Their logo was seamed flawlessly, the kabuki pull tabs and header did just what they needed, the matte finish of the vinyl mesh was perfect under production lighting, and the Oklahoma evening breeze slipped through the mesh to eliminate any fear that their drop would suddenly pirate the scene as a giant sail.


Backdrop on stage during the TFK tour.  Photo Courtesy Ryan Spina

The best part of TFK’s experience: they LOVED their backdrop, but they loved even more that Sew What? was there in their time of need. As Chad put it in his text moments before TFK’s summer kickoff show, “The guys love it. I love it. Thank you for pulling through for us with a ridiculous turn around. I was doubting the entire time. But we received something BETTER than we ever expected. Thank you!”

In production, we all know that designs, funding, and decisions, all change at the turn of a dime. Sew What? takes pride in making what seems like the impossible, possible.

10 06, 2014

Need Inspiration? Check out the Rent What? Drapery Collections

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Maybe you already have a design theme for your show or event, but you aren’t sure what types of drapery would work within that theme.  Or perhaps you are completely stuck and need something to kick-start your creative process.  Why not check out the Rent What? Drapery Collections?  With seven different collections, there is sure to be something for you.


The main Drapery Collections page provides a quick reference to the different options, but by clicking into an individual collection page (like Silver Satin or Rockin’ Red), you’ll discover a wealth of information on that collection. Each collection page describes drapery fabrics and materials featured in the collection, available drapery styles, what other collections pair well with the collection, and much much more.

Not to mention the photos and videos!  Rather than displaying stock photos of drapery inventory, hanging in our warehouse, our drapery collections pages show images of the drapery being used at actual shows and events.  This allows you to better imagine how the drapery may work for your design vision, and may even even spark new ideas for you.

So, head on over to the Rent What Drapery Collections page! I know you’ll find it interesting and inspiring!

9 06, 2014

To Blog, Tweet or Talk…

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I am learning SO much about social media – coming from an old school mindset, where being social meant actually having a conversation with someone – this new world of social media – with tweets, texts, emails and “social posts and updates” – is just completely out of my skill set.


And so we connected late last year with MARGIE HANSON of Today’s Way, Inc.  – who helped get myself and the others on staff who felt a bit squeaky in the field – up and running in this new “social” world that is tech based rather than talk based.

So we are working our way thru it and enjoying the adventure.  The relationship between social sites such as Facebook and Google Plus, and sharing sites such as Flickr and YouTube, is just fascinating.  We are working hard at staying true to brand, true to beliefs and also meeting up with our friends, vendors and clients where they are posting and reading.

So interesting too is the opportunity to learn about our clients and vendors (and the others in our sales space, too!). Things I would never have known if I had not taken the time to read their bios on Linked In – or checked out their favorite videos and books on their Facebook page.  Frequently caught off guard as I learn new and surprising details of interest about my new tech savvy friends – “Well, I never! – who’d have thought?”

Indeed – they may think the same of me – as they land on a page only to learn that I have been stitching up a storm now for well over 17 years, or that we have in fact 2 companies (rentals and sales) or that I sing in a band.  “Who’d have thought?”  Indeed!

Well, we haven’t embraced all the avenues yet – but we are working our way thru each layer as we learn how they all work and interconnect and to whom we can speak and connect with on each platform.

So for now – you can find us here:

(on this blog of course!)

Google +




Won’t you join us? Say hello or share a story, too!


And here too are the social links for Margie Hanson – in case you need some social assistance too!

Communicating – Today’s Way, Inc.
An Online Business Communications Studio

Margie Hanson

4 06, 2014

The Sew What? Products Page – a Great Resource

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If you are looking for stage or event drapery, curtain track or hardware, or any manner of theatrical/stage/event supplies, why not start your search on the Products page of the Sew What? website?  It’s a convenient and user-friendly resource that you are sure to find big help.


Just on its own, the Products page is useful as a general resource, with an entertaining and informative video and a quick reference to the various types of products that we have to offer.  Even better, from this place, you can reach information on the product that interests you in the click of a mouse.

Thinking about buying or renting a LED Stardrop for your next show?  Just click on the “Led Stardrop” photo under “Product Categories” to be taken directly to detailed information on LED Stardrops.  Need a shipping/storage hamper?  Click on the “Theatre Supply.”  It’s as easy as that to get right where you need to be (or to browse in order to figure out the right product to fit your needs).

So if you are browsing the internet, looking for information on theatre or event drapery and supplies, look no further than the Sew What? Products page!