Have you ever stopped to consider how many ways you can use digitally printed fabric?  Because we make so many digital band backdrops, we tend to post most frequently on that application.  But there are actually quite a few other great applications, and so I thought I’d post on several of them.

Custom Exhibit Booth

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Whether you are a small independent exhibitor at a local trade show, using pipe and base hardware, or a large company with a custom manufactured booth at a huge convention, digitally printed drapery can set your space apart and grab the attention of show attendees.

From simple drapery designed to fit on standard pipe and base hardware, to more elaborate panels manufactured to fit a custom-designed and built structure, digitally printed drapery and soft goods allow you to feature whatever design you’d like.  That design might be as simple as your logo or could be something much more elaborate.

Promotional Backdrops

Have you ever noticed, while watching a press conference or awards show interview, that there is frequently a backdrop featuring a single logo (or several logos), on a solid color background, with the logo(s) repeated at regular intervals throughout the backdrop, from top to bottom and from side to side?  This is called a “step and repeat” design, and is one of the easiest ways to call attention to your logo.  Use a step and repeat backdrop for photo ops and interviews, or even as exhibit booth drapery.

Theatrical Backdrops

In the past, scenic backdrops for plays and musicals, whether for schools, amateur productions, or professional theatre, were hand-painted.  While hand-painted backdrops are still used, many organizations are switching to digitally printed backdrops, which are generally lighter and less prone to deterioration than painted backdrops.

Special Event Murals

The flexibility of digital printing onto fabric means that you can print nearly any image, and so all you have to do is create (or purchase) a print ready image that fits the design theme of your event, and then have that image printed onto one or more backdrops.  Does the event design call for a Secret Garden theme?  Why not line the ballroom walls with digitally printed backdrops featuring garden images, to give guests the feeling that they are actually outside in a garden.

Band Backdrops

And, of course, digitally printed backdrops are a great option for musicians.  Whether you are part of a small indie band that wants its logo printed onto a 10’ h x 10’ w backdrop to hang behind the band for club dates, or a major recording artist who needs a 30’ h x 60’ w backdrop featuring custom art designed specifically for this year’s 30 city tour, digital printing is something that works particularly well for music performances.

Want more info on digital printing options?  Visit our digital printing page on our website.