Every once in a awhile, I like to go onto one of our company websites and try to see it from the perspective of a brand new visitor.  Is it interesting, inspiring, easy to navigate?

Today I focused on the Rent What? website, and while I was clicking through the website and landing on the various pages, I noticed something about many of the rental drapes that appear in photos on the Rent What? Drapery Collections pages. It was the tranformative effect of stage lighting on the drapery.

TT_Monsters of Folk Burg Venetian 9

This Super-Vel Venetian Contour Drape appears red, burgundy and even purple, depending on the lighting at this Monsters of Folk concert.

The natural assumption would be that the appearance of a stage drape is static, unchanging, especially in regards to color. Yes, you might decide to hang a drape a different way.  But the color of the drape doesn’t change, right? You choose a silver drape, you get a silver drape.  You choose a black drape, you get a black drape.  And so on.

But that isn’t really true.  The use of colored stage lighting can transform nearly any stage drape. And not just once, but over and over throughout the course of a show or event.

Here’s an example.  As part of the Industrial Textures Drapery Collection, there is a rental drape made of Black and White Camo Net gathered into random pick ups of small swags across the drape.   Sounds simple, right? A black and white drape.  But within the photos on the Industrial Textures page, check out photos # 219 and # 228.  Both are of the exact same black and white drape, at the same show, but thanks to colored stage lighting, the drape appears red in one photo and purple in another.  In our photo archive, we also have photos of that drape in which it appears that the drape has a multicolored ombre appearance, with green at the top transitioning into blue at the bottom.

I have also seen amazing transformations that made Silver Satin drapery appear orange, blue, red – nearly every color of the rainbow – through the magic of a talented lighting designer. I have even seen drapery look like an Impressionist painting solely by the addition of lights.

I really am in awe at the talent of stage lighting designers and technicians.  They can take a single stage set and completely transform that set throughout the show with the right lighting design.