This has been an extraordinarily exciting time to be a “Whatter” here at Rent What? & Sew What?. We have recently written about some of the big changes we’ve been going through with our company this past year in many provocative ways— to have more of a social media presence online, to help streamline our processes, and to make things even easier and more convenient for our clients. And now we are super excited to be able to show some of them off to our loyal readers!


One of the most impressive features of these changes is the creation and implementation of three brand new offices in our warehouse for three managers of different areas of our workforce, who really needed to become more “present” out back with our wonderful warehouse staff.  One of the offices is for Andrea, our Printing Department Manager, who is now conveniently located directly behind our Digital Printer and near all of the sewing staff.


Another one is for Rick, our Warehouse Manager (and “do everything under the sun”-guru), and another office is for myself, Logistics Manager, and we are both located right in the heart of our shipping bay area. This way we can have a firm grasp on everything that is coming and going in the warehouse, as well as have the pleasure of working closely with our hard-working shipping and receiving coordinators Chris and Raul, too.

Rick pic 1a

Getting to be right in the thick of things has been thrilling for all of us, but for Andrea and myself especially since we have been working inside the main office area for the past few years, so being out in the warehouse is a completely new and fascinating environment. It has been a fairly big change for sure, but definitely a FANTASTIC one, too! It really helps us all to realize that this is just another positive step in the right direction for our company to fully integrate with Sales, Rentals, Printing, Sewing, and Shipping. I personally cannot wait to see what other exciting changes are in store for our company in the future…..!